Who we Are

Our company was set up in 1995 and since then we have been offering expert, professional car rental services with driver as well as long term rental of all types of motor vehicles.

Particular attention has been paid in the selection of our drivers who have been trained professionally to deal with the requirements of each type of client.

The quality of the services offered by SEA employees is constantly monitored, in particular following an accurate supervision by Mr. Fuggetta, the company owner.

This constant monitoring aims to improve not only the level of cleanliness and maintenance of the motor vehicles, but also the services provided by SEA.

Our objective is to supply the best possible level of services to our guests, thanks to the efforts made by our collaborators to present a positive image of efficiency, flexibility, punctuality and politeness.

As regards our car rental services with driver, control of quality concentrates on making our employees aware that they should assume responsibility for the maintenance of the fleet of company cars.

Controls programmed for cars and minibuses are carried out exclusively by garages authorized by each respective car manufacturer as indicated in the log book of each motor vehicle.

The same precision is applied to the cleaning of motor vehicles utilised. This is carried out on a weekly basis and, in general, each time it is considered necessary to clean the vehicle both internally and externally. In addition a thorough cleaning of the whole vehicle internally is provided on a monthly basis.

Long term car hire,Car hire services with driver

We offer our car transport service with drivers using our own cars and capital. These drivers and cars form part of our company and are under our responsibility.

We strictly observe all the provisions of law and regulations concerning motor vehicles in public service and in circulation on roads and public areas, complying with the highway code and all current existing rules , including measures adopted subsequent to those in force after having offered our services.

All vehicles use the most advanced engine power systems which respect the environment and have been certified according to the categories of C02 Euro-5 transmissions.

All vehicles utilize snow tires during the winter and possess characteristics in compliance with existing regulations.